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South Boston, MA: Pit Stop

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Charlestown, MA to South Boston, MA //


Our first stop, South Boston. That's right, we ended up traveling not that far... 😆 We had wanted to get the pennant line out of the mooring we own there before departing. Since it had sat unused in the water for the time we had been docked in Charlestown, September 1st, it was as slimy as it could get. Tom did his thing, I hopped on the dinghy to help him, a little bumpy, but we accomplished our mission and got the pennant out with the help of a blowtorch 🔥.

After washing the decks from all the muck that we dragged back onto Sparidae we looked up the forecast to see if we could get going south but yet another gale warning along the coast had been issued (side note: gale warnings are issued when there will be winds between 34 knots [39 mph] to 47 knots [54 mph]), so we decided to hunker down for the evening. We figured we should not to be sailing through that unless we were extremely experienced (or just plain reckless?!).

In the morning, wind gusts were going at it, up to 27 knots as confirmed on our knot log (this was just inside the protected harbor). Not terrible, but yet we waited. We continued going through our to-do list and decided to test the dinghy outboard to make sure there weren’t any issues with it before leaving Boston proper... But as it turns out, we created the problem. Tom snapped the starting line right out of the engine when trying to turn it on. Another little piece of equipment that, since it had sat unused for a little while, needed some TLC. Two hours later Tom hooked up a new line, replaced the spark plug, refilled the tank with new gas, and got it back up and running, thankfully 🙏🏼. Now we were finally ready for a window to keep moving south.

Had a hard time starting the outboard since we have not been using it much, therefore little maintenance has gone into it. Until now.

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