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Tom and Cynthia met in college at Syracuse University while completing their professional Bachelor of Architecture degrees. They both moved to Boston to build their careers in architecture and urban design. Their relationship 

has weathered the long distance tests, including Cynthia's escape to Philadelphia to complete her Master of City Planning at the University of Pennsylvania, along with Tom's year-long traveling fellowship from Harvard University which took him to Japan, Scandinavia and Central Europe. Sailing however, has become a shared passion, an activity in which they have found refuge from the daily grind, keeping their adventuring spirits alive. Since 2008, Tom and Cynthia have shared many sailing trips along the coast of New England. Several winters were spent in Boston, inside the shrink-wrap, frozen in at Constitution Marina. This fall, they finally decided to head toward lower latitudes and sail to the Caribbean. 

Cynthia was born and raised in the Caribbean island 

of Puerto Rico. Although she didn't have the faintest idea she would be eventually fall in love with sailing, her love for the ocean has always been there, whether it meant basking under the warm Caribbean sun or going on a snorkeling excursion every year with her family to her favorite spot, Cayo Ratones in Cabo Rojo, PR. In high school, she obtained her scuba diving certification, fueling her sense for adventure.

Tom is an architect, sailor, and surfer. Growing up in coastal southern Maine, he was raised around the water, often boating with family and friends. He got into surfing during summers in high school and college, and then made the leap into sailing when he purchased Sparidae to live aboard in 2008. Tom's past offshore experience includes crewing aboard S/V Cooya with Mike and Eileen Yendell. He help them deliver Cooya from Beverly, MA to Shelburne, Nova Scotia in May of 2010. Cooya is a Linton Hope designed teak yawl built in 1914.


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Arriving in Boston Harbor after quite a rugged sail from Portsmouth, NH

Memorial Day Weekend, 2016

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