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Highbourne Cay, Exuma: An Aggressive Day Sail

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

West Bay, New Providence to Highbourne Cay, Exuma //


We were back on the road on the morning Thursday, January 17 after dropping Paul off and hanging out with Naomi and their two little ones. Ahead of an upcoming cold front, Tom and I decided it would be best to make the run to the Exumas so that we wouldn't get caught up in New Providence awaiting a weather window.

The sail down, ended up being slightly aggressive, close-hauled, with ENE winds gusting up to 21-23 knots. We were going so fast, it was exhilarating at times. But we did get a few breaking waves over the cockpit, and tons of splashing over the dodger. After almost 10 hours of sail, we were very excited to have reached the Exumas! Major destination grounds for us. As soon as anchor was set Dark and Stormy's were in order.

The anchorage at Highbourne Cay, unfortunately, ended up being more rolly than what we had hoped for. The northerly components in the wind definitely wrapped around the island and rocked us all night. With the weather forecasted to deteriorate over the weekend, we quickly made the move towards Norman's Cay the next day, looking for an anchorage that would afford us more protection once the system began moving through.

Land ho! Highbourne Cay ahead, after 10 hours of aggressive sailing

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