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Long Island, The Bahamas: The Far-Out Islands

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

George Town, The Bahamas to Long Island, The Bahamas //


On February 3 the winds and sea state looked good enough to continue on to the Far Out Islands. I say good enough as we expected a bit of sporty sailing, and with about a six hour sail ahead of us, a sporty sail for that length of time can be quite exhausting. Nevertheless, we remained optimistic but were sad to say goodbye to the Exumas. Although with our arrival to Puerto Rico to begin remote work being delayed now by a month, and some big passages ahead of us, we really needed to push on.

Around 10am we began motoring our way out of Elizabeth Harbor through the East Channel Cut. Once in the Exuma Sound, we were able to quickly put our sails up and head straight to Calabash Bay in Long Island with winds coming from the North.

By 4pm we had reached our destination and set the anchor. We were pleasantly surprised to find this anchorage much calmer than any other anchorages so far, but I guess the winds were in our favor this time around. Lucky for us, it was also happy hour time at the Cape Santa Maria Resort across from us so we put the dinghy on our foredeck back into the water and headed in.

We celebrated our successful departure from George Town with some piña coladas, the happy hour special, and free conch fritters... yum! We watched the sunset from the terrace and once we had a second round in headed back to Sparidae for dinner.

Afterwards we continued studying the weather and discussing what our next passage would be. We were both looking forward to seeing Rum Cay or Conception Island, but with the winds veering to NE and eventually East, it seemed more appropiate to use them to our advantage and gain more miles East (realistically Southeast if you look at a map! 😉) As how the weather forecasts typically go, we decided to let it be and see how we felt after rounding the north end of Long Island the next morning.

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