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Scituate, MA: Situated in Scituate

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

South Boston, MA to Scituate MA //


After filling up our water and diesel tanks at Marina Bay in Quincy on Saturday afternoon, we began our course south. The weather was the most favorable it was going to be all week, and surely we ended up having a lovely sail well into the evening into Scituate, MA, a nice snug harbor we were pretty familiar with. We continued monitoring the forecast which unfortunately showed warnings for gale-force winds all along the coast for Sunday. So we grabbed a mooring for the evening and stayed until Monday when wind and seas subsided. We took our time to continue cleaning and organizing the boat to make sure there were as little flying items as possible for our forthcoming passages through Buzzards Bay.

Sunset on our way to Scituate

Scituate Harbor on Monday morning

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